“Don’t look away! Instead, become a community-based social and environmental justice activist.”

“With so many social ills affecting our communities, non-governmental and non-profit organizations have become the saving grace for those who need help to survive. In many cases, these organizations are the glue which holds communities together, and the people who run them have, in fact, become our communities’ unsung heroes.” Be inspired by Earthlife Africa’s Just Transition campaign facilitator Sibongile Ndlovu’s journey into activism. Read more here.

In the news…

The Earthlife Africa team share their thoughts about South Africa’s #JustTransition plans and the role of the various stakeholders, while emphasizing the need to inform and educate people about the climate crises, in a bid to reduce conflict with migrants/climate refugees. Earthlife Africa’s challenge against the environmental authorisation of a proposed new coal mine in Limpopo (which pose serious threats to the region’s air quality and climate impacts) also featured. See more here.

There can be no #ClimateJustice without #GenderJustice

Earthlife Africa Johannesburg’s premier event in August – the annual Women and Climate Justice Seminar (in partnership with GenderCC) – held space for more than 100 indigenous women from Gauteng, Eastern Cape, and Limpopo to robustly discuss their role (from challenges to solutions) in #ClimateAction. Read more here.

Earthlife Africa Board Pays Tribute to Passionate Environmental Activist, Judith Taylor, on Her Passing #RIP

 In July, Members of the Earthlife Africa Board paid tribute to fallen comrade Judith Taylor …On Monday 11 July 2022, received the sad news of the passing of– a passionate environmental activist and Life Member of Earthlife Africa. She is well-known in the eco-justice space as actively working to build a strong, inclusive movement. Read more here.

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