Welcome to Earthlife Africa Johannesburg’s transformative short-video series: Our Planet, Our Responsibility: Environmental and Climate Justice in Action. This series dives deep into the crucial aspects of protecting our environment and promoting climate justice, shedding light on the interconnectedness of human life and the natural world.

In Episode 1: Why Protect the Environment?, we explore the fundamental reasons why safeguarding the environment is essential for our wellbeing and the planet’s health. We delve into the connections between a clean environment and our health, the role of healthy ecosystems in stabilizing weather patterns and mitigating climate change, and the essential services provided by diverse ecosystems, such as pollination and waste decomposition. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of biodiversity for resilience and economic benefits and discuss our moral responsibility to safeguard the planet for future generations.

To help protect the environment, we offer actionable steps, including adopting sustainable practices like reducing, reusing, and recycling, and supporting sustainable consumption by buying local products. We also highlight the importance of increasing energy efficiency, conserving natural resources, preserving forests and wildlife, reducing pollution, and participating in community clean-ups. Finally, we encourage engaging in environmental education and advocacy, and staying involved in local governance efforts to address climate change.


In Episode 2: Exploring Your Rights, we delve into your rights and the laws influencing environmental management in South Africa. In further episodes, we will focus on climate change and the just transition.

Think about the legacy you want to leave. Together, we can ensure a future with clean air, water, fertile soil, rich biodiversity, and climate stability.

Thank you for watching and being a part of the movement for a sustainable future!

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