As anyone in the NGO space will tell you, working in this sector can be both extremely challenging while also being incredibly gratifying. This is definitely true for environmental organisation, Earthlife Africa Johannesburg.

It is with this in mind that the NGO’s Human Resources and Finance Officer Sabina Taderera embarked on a 6-month Conflict Analysis, Peace building and Learning Facilitation training programme (offered by ACCORD).

The 32 sessions covered various topics that include coaching and mentoring – to develop real-life problem-solving skills – and knowledge sharing – where participants learnt more about the various issues faced by the sector, as well as the grassroots organisations working in the development arena, in Africa.

“It was interesting to train on the conflict analysis tools and application and learning how to develop my peacebuilding skills – through negotiation, mediation and facilitation – which is critical in our line of work. I look forward to developing the skills I have learnt and share it with my team here at Earthlife Africa. The ‘training of trainers’ knowledge will come in handy here,” she says.

She says the sessions that focused on grant writing, proposal drafting, and monitoring and evaluation were also very valuable. Taderera graduated on 18 November, at ACCORD’s offices in Durban.

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