Sustainable Energy Briefings are periodic policy documents on energy issues and polices within the Republic of South Africa. SE Briefings are a product of the SECCP.

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SE Briefing 27: Eskom’s commitment to air quality at Medupi (Dec 2013)

SE Briefing 26: South Africa’s Climate Change Adaptation (Dec 2013)

SE Briefing 25: Budgeting & Procurement (Dec 2012)

SE Briefing 24: Nuclear Energy Procurement (Dec 2012)

SE Briefing 23: South Africa’s Mitigation Targets

SE Briefing 22: BHP Billiton, Eskom, Oil (Dec. 2010)

SE Briefing 21: Climate Change (Dec 2010)

SE Briefing 20: Nuclear Power (Sept. 2010)

SE Briefing 19: COP15 Expectations (Nov. 2009)

SE Briefing 18: Eskom Costs and Tariffs (Aug. 2009)

SE Briefing 17: Renewable Energy Costs (Nov. 2008)

SE Briefing 16: National Energy Bill (July 2008)

SE Briefing 15: Eskom Tariff Increases (May 2008)

SE Briefing 14: Energy Policy in 2007 (Dec. 2007)

SE Briefing 13: The DTI’s Developmental Electricity Pricing Programme: Whose Benefit? (Oct 2007)

SE Briefing 12: What does our energy supply really cost? Who is paying? Who knows? (Oct 2007)

SE Briefing 11: New coal-fired plants and air quality standards (Oct 2007)

SE Briefing 10: When will Renewable Energy be the CHEAPER option for electricity generation? (2007)

SE Briefing 9: Energy Efficiency: Strategy, Accord and Agency (Mar 2006)

SE Briefing 8: White Paper on the Energy Policy of the Republic of South Africa (December 1998)

SE Briefing 7: National Energy Bill (Aug 2005)

SE Briefing 6: Policies and Measures (PAMs) for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (Aug 2005)

SE Briefing 5: The potential contribution of renewable energy in South Africa (Jan 2005)

SE Briefing 4: Integrated Energy Planning (Mar 2005)

SE Briefing 3: Waste to Energy Projects (Mar 2005)

SE Briefing 2: Renewable Energy = Jobs ( Feb 2005)

SE Briefing 1: Electricity Pricing Policy (Jan 2005)