Sasol is a South African company, officially formed in 1950, to produce synthetic fuels from coal. It has become a global company that has extended their area of influence all across the globe with operations in 38 countries. This report traces the history of Sasol since its inception and highlights that Sasol has always placed profits before people and the planet.

Sasol is one of the biggest greenhouse gas emitters in Africa, second only to Eskom, and has or will be expanding its polluting operations to China, Qatar, Nigeria and Indonesia. In addition, Sasol has also been found guilty of price fixing and has tried to get funding for a CDM projects by misrepresenting the facts to the UNFCCC.

Sasol talks green, but its actions have proven otherwise. This report aims to raise awareness about companies, such as Sasol, that are not held accountable for the damage they are causing to the environment and to people. Apartheid’s creation has spawned into a global monster, as detailed in this report.

Download Report: Sasol – Profits from Poison WEB.