Nuclear Energy

Earthlife Africa Jhb has a very strong and clear position regarding nuclear energy. We do not believe that South Africa should build any more nuclear plants (PMBRs or light-water reactors). Nuclear power is neither safe nor economically viable. Furthermore, it inflicts many, many future generations with the burden of radioactive waste.

Please contact the SECCP project of Earthlife Africa Jhb for details/queries regarding anti-nuclear campaigning.

Key Documents:

Evaluation of nuclear legislation. The issue of rehabilitation of uranium mine sites in Namibia. The report can be downloaded here. March 23rd, 2015.

On October 2015, Earthlife Africa and the Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institution (SAFCEI) submissions of Founding Affidavit, Notice of Motion and Rule 16A Notice for the legal challenge of the procurement of nuclear energy build.

Earthlife Africa Jhb’s Submission on the EIA for Nuclear-1A short leaflet exploding some myths about nuclear energy: nuclear energy myths, ELA Jhb

Earthlife Africa’s EIA Submission on the PBMR Demostration Plant: ela-pmbr-eia-submission

Steve Thomas 2005 Report on the Economics of the PBMR: economics-of-pbmr

Steve Thomas 2009 Article highlighting problems with PBMR technology:

A series of fact sheets researched and compiled by Muna Lakhani, Earthlife Africa Jhb, 2002:  What you need to know about South Africa’s nuclear programme

International links:

Activist and writer, Christian Pose, who lives in Japan near Fukushima Daiichi I, has been  in Reunion Island near Madagascar and Mauritius to raise awareness of the dangers of nuclear power. He has founded a website to help build an international social network that seeks to protect people and nature in Indian Ocean and South Africa. See:

Wise International is a Netherlands based grass-root organisation who mission is to see a world without Nuclear Power. It’s their visionthat it is possible to create a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy-future without nuclear power. See: