The development of a national Integrated Energy Plan (IEP) was envisaged in the White Paper on Energy Policy of 1998 and the Minister of Energy, as entrenched in the National Energy Act of 2008, is mandated to develop and publish the IEP on an annual basis. The purpose of the IEP is to provide a roadmap of energy policy and technology development future energy landscape in South Africa to guide future energy infrastructure investments.

Earthlife Africa is engaged in the process in order to point policy-makers towards renewable energy sources and awawy from bad energy choices, namely coal and nuclear power.

  • In the last quarter of 2013, Earthlife and other stakeholders commented on the Draft 2012 Integrated Energy Planning Report. We sent a cover letter and our comments to the Department of Energy as well as a letter to Dikobe Ben Martins, Minister of Energy raising our concerns regarding the document.
  • After intensive search efforts and email exchange with the Department of Energy, Earthlife Africa Jhb was able to obtain information about public consultations on the draft Integrated Energy Planning Report. Despite the short notice, Earthlife Africa Jhb will attend the consultations and present its view to the public.