Any individual who commits to the founding principles may become a member. We encourage all members to play an active role in the organisation on a voluntary basis, but those who prefer simply to express support and receive information about our activities are also most welcome. Prospective members may attend a meeting before having finalised membership

Founding Principles

Earthlife Africa was launched at a time of social upheaval and planetary devastation. We believe that humankind is responsible for this situation and that we have an accountability that extends beyond the present. We are a broad-based group with a shared commitment. We seek to understand the complex and interdependent relations between human beings and the environment. We aim to uphold and realise the following principles:

Reverence for the Earth: We encourage our members and activists to develop an attitude which is respectful of and nurturing towards the environment in all its diversity. Grassroots Democracy: There is equal and active participation by all in decision making and mutual responsibility for implementation in all human and environmental relations.

Rejection of Discrimination: We reject all forms of discrimination. We pledge solidarity and co-operation with people struggling against oppression and exploitation particularly through democratically organised representative organisations.

Non-Violence: We promote peaceful solutions to conflict.

Ending Exploitation: We fundamentally reject abusive power relations.

Freeing of Human Potential: We encourage spiritual development, personal and social growth and the freeing of human potential.

Membership of Earthlife Africa Jhb: ELA Jhb is a membership driven organisation. Membership is free, but donations are always welcome. Please download membership form below or contact Rachel Adatia

Please contact for Membership Queries: Sabina Taderera, or on 011 339 3662