January 15, 2013

SE Briefing 24: Nuclear Energy Procurement

This briefing explores the constitutionality of the proposed large-scale procurement of nuclear energy. The Department of Energy is obligated, under section 217 of the Constitution, to […]
March 13, 2012

COP17 Research Launched Today!

Download Link: COP17 review_web With ocean acidification now occurring faster than at any point in the past 300 million years, COP17 (and every other COP) has […]
November 23, 2011

SE Briefing 23: South Africa’s Mitigation Targets

This briefing will discuss South Africa’s recently released National Climate Change Response White Paper, which lays out the country’s mitigation targets and mechanisms going forward. The […]
December 20, 2010

Sustainable Energy Briefing 21: Climate Change

COP16 has come and gone. This SE Briefing outlines the science of climate change and the failure of governments, for the past 16 years, to deal […]
December 15, 2010

Sustainable Energy Briefing 22: BHP Billiton, Eskom, Oil

During 2010, the energy debate focused on climate change and the IRP2010. This Sustainable Energy Brief focuses on three somewhat ignored issues; BHP Billiton’s renegotiated Special […]
March 8, 2010

Free Basic Electricity Research Launched

Download this report: Free Basic Electricity Research March 2010 The Report assesses the 50kWh of free basic electricity suggested by Government for poor households. The rationale […]
September 20, 2009

SE Briefing 18: Eskom Costs and Tariffs

This Sustainable Energy Briefing seeks to bring some degree of clarity to the confusing issue of Eskom costs and tariffs, and, in particular, tariffs to industrial […]
December 4, 2008

Sustainable Energy Briefing 17: Renewable Energy Costs

With Eskom negotiating with the World Bank for a US$5 billion dollar loan to finance a part of its planned R1 trillion expansion plan, there is […]
July 31, 2008

Sustainable Energy Briefing: National Energy Bill, July 2008

SE Briefing 16: The long awaited National Energy Bill is currently in front of Parliament, with written submissions due by 18th of July 2008 and verbal […]