October 8, 2010

Press Release: Government’s Nuclear Madness

Earthlife Africa Jhb, 8th of October 2010 The South African Department of Energy released the executive summary of the Integrated Resource Plan 2 (IRP2) to the […]
September 3, 2010

Press Release: Government Secrecy Around PBMR Closure

Earthlife Africa Jhb 3rd of September 2010 On the First of September 2010, Cabinet held a “secret” session on the closure of the PMBR company. Earthlife […]
July 1, 2010

A response to the Nuke EIA

Eskom is doing an Environmental Impact Assessment for a new nuclear power station. Read Earthlife Africa Jhb’s response to this latest bout of insanity here. From […]
May 19, 2010

Photos from Earthlife Africa Cape Town’s anti-nuclear demos

  On 23 April 2010 Earthlife Africa Cape Town, as part of the anti-nuclear campaign, convened an action outside Parliament, in commemoration of Chernobyl Day and to highlight […]
April 23, 2010

Press Release: Commemorating Chernobyl Day

MEDIA RELEASE BY SOUTH AFRICAN CIVIL SOCIETY CONCERNED WITH ENERGY. Friday 23rd April 2010 Commemorating Chernobyl Day – Minister Gordhan In commemorating Chernobyl Day (26 April), […]
March 20, 2010

Uranium – the risks for our health and environment

Uranium is a heavy metal that is radioactive and toxic. It is mined for the nuclear industry. On the Witwatersrand uranium is present in the gold-bearing […]
March 3, 2010

Koeberg Alliance Meeting on Nukes

The Koeberg Alert Alliance is holding an open meeting on nuclear power on 8th of March in Cape Town. Please attend.
August 21, 2009

Earthlife’s Submission on PBMR SIA

On the 20th of August, Earthlife Africa Jhb (acting through the Legal Resources Centre) made a submission on the Social Impact Assessment for the Pebble Bed […]
May 27, 2009

Press Release: Eskom’s Uneconomic Nuclear U-turn

Press Release: Eskom’s Uneconomic Nuclear U-turn Earthlife Africa Jhb 27th of May 2009 In just over six months, Eskom has changed its mind on nuclear power. […]