COP19 and the Global Day of Action on Climate Change

Earthlife Africa Jhb joined the 19th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP19) in Warsaw, Poland. Dominique Doyle, Earthlife Africa Jhb’s energy policy officer, added to the voices of environmental organisations. She was present in order to push the South African government to start transforming towards a low-carbon society and obtaining a global and scientifically valid climate change mitigation agreement.

In order to contact Dominique and get first-hand assessments and other information, please use the following contact details:

Dominique Doyle
Energy Policy Officer, Earthlife Africa Jhb
Cell: +27 79 331 2028
Email: dominique [at]

The Grim Reaper joins for the Global Day of Action

On November 16, civil society organisations, environmental activists and concerned citizens answered the call for the Global Day of Action on Climate Change. The march in Johannesburg addressed local issues synonymous with global climate change. Joined by a group of Grim Reapers, the day commenced with a drumming session highlighting an urgent need for environmental justice while a climate crime scene pointed at the risks of pollution and environmental degradation. Similar actions are planned across the world urging governments and political leaders to take meaningful steps in preventing catastrophic climate change.

Impressions from the protest:
For the full press release of the day, please click here. A short clip of Johannesburg’s contribution to the Global Day of Action is also available on Youtube.

The worldwide protests coincide with the 19th Conference of the Parties in Warsaw where several thousand representatives from a wide range of domestic and international organizations are pushing for the political commitment to sustainable development and the prevention of catastrophic climate change. The voices of these organisations are being muffled by the lobbying of energy intensive corporations and the likes of the World Coal Association at its International Coal & Climate Summit. International non-governmental organisations have raised concerns about this simultaneous summit and the support lent to it by the UN and some government. The NGOs state that this parallel setup of conferences will have real impacts on the goals and legitimacy of the Warsaw discussions. The setup may undermine civil societies’ campaigns to keep fossil fuels in the ground and promote a just transition to renewable energy, thereby lessening the burden of global environmental change for future generations.