13 DECEMBER 2016


Today, 13 December, Earthlife Africa Johannesburg (ELA-JHB) and the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute (SAFCEI) head to the Cape Town High Court to legally challenge the SA government’s nuclear procurement process – a process which has been shrouded in secrecy and misinformation – in one of the most significant challenges to government that the country has seen since the Arms Deal.

Dominique Doyle, Project Coordinator from ELA-JHB encourages all South Africans to take note of, and support the nuclear court case opposing the Department of Energy’s (DoE) unconstitutional methods and dealings thusfar. Earthlife Africa-Johannesburg has been fighting for fair and transparent government processes in the energy portfolio since the build was announce in 2014, and the case was initially filed in October 2015. They are joined by SAFCEI in the court challenge, with additional support from the Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBS).

“The court case sets out to protect the future wellbeing not only of the country, but of each citizen’s legacy. The government’s energy/electricity plans, which are so strongly geared toward nuclear, are not only a threat to our environment. South Africa simply cannot afford the potential financial and human costs that could occur as a result of this decision, and we therefore need a more transparent and fair process. We need our fellow citizens to demand a chance to participate meaningfully, so that they are fully aware of all the options available to them, and not just blindly accept the DoE and Eskom’s short-sighted ideas,” she says.

ELA-JHB, SAFCEI and HBF welcome the media to continue their support by covering the story, as a way of ensuring that as many South Africans (as possible) know about the situation, about the public participation element and get involved in the deal that could be the ruin of our beautiful country.

In addition to the public presence expected outside the Cape Town High Court tomorrow, there are also a few related events happening around the country – which could provide interesting perspectives from average South Africans. These include:

Johannesburg, Tuesday 13 December – Picket at ESKOM Megawatt Park10am onwards at 1 Maxwell Dr, Sandton 10am onwards at 1 Maxwell Dr, Sandton

For more information contact: General Moyo (Right2Know): 071 529 0675

Durban, Wednesday 14 December – Picket outside the Department of Mineral ResourcesFor more information contact: Desmond D’Sa (SDCEA): (031) 461 1991Precious Mazibuko (Right2Know): 084 023 8053

Komaggas, Wednesday 14 December – meeting with local people to give feedback on People’s Speak Out Against Nuclear and on the court case (hosted by the Namaqualand Action Group for Environmental Justice)

10am – 4:30pm at the Komaggas Dienspunt

Contact person: Andy Pienaar 027 821 1000


Venue:                 Cape Town High Court

Time:                     10am


Issued by Natasha Adonis on behalf of Heinrich Böll Foundation. For more information, please contact me on 0797 999 654 or email




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