Opposing Anglo’s & Vedanta’s Climate Killer

On August 6, 2013, 1,000 activists protested at the Anglo American Head Office in the centre of Johannesburg. The climate-conscious citizens took to the streets demanding from Anglo to invest in renewable energies and leave the coal in the ground.

The coal Anglo is planning to use for the joint coal-fired power station with Vedanta is of poor quality. And even Eskom deems this coal unfit for their coal-fired power stations. In addition, Vedanta is a company infamous for their human rights violations in India, destructive business practices and intransparency.

Hence, the World Development Movement in London picketed in solidarity in front of BlackRock Inc. – on of the major companies securing funding for Anglo American.
Please use the following links in order to access the pictures provided by Earthlife Africa Jhb:

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Use these links to access WDM’s pictures of their solidarity action

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