Fact sheets and articles about acid mine drainage

Some useful resources to find out more about acid mine drainage:

 ELA (Jhb) fact sheets (pdf) to download: 

AMD Fact sheet 1

AMD fact sheet 2

 Federation for a Sustainable Environment: http://www.fse.org.za

Centre for Environmental Rights: www.cer.org.za

 ‘Legal issues concerning mine closure and social responsibility on the West Rand’, paper in Van Eeden, Liefferink and Durand 2009, paper in The Journal for Transdisciplinary Research in Southern Africa

 In 2009, the government produced a plan to clean up certain areas in the West Rand that are polluted with radioactive material. They plan to implement this in March 2010. See the page Wonderfonteinspruit Remediation Action Planfor more information about this and Earthlife Africa Johannesburg’s submission.


Lancaster Dam, near the headwaters of the Wonderfonteinspruit (Photo: Alistair Clacherty, May 2010)

Lancaster Dam, near the headwaters of the Wonderfonteinspruit. The orange sludge contains heavy metals such as uranium, iron, arsenic, sulphates, cadmium. (Photo: Alistair Clacherty, May 2010)

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